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Row Games

What is a Row Game?

A row game is a partnered activity where one student completes the exercises in column A while the partner completes the exercises in column B. In one version of the game, each column has a different question, however, the answers match. Students work on their question independently and compare answers. If the answers do not match, students must work together to discover and correct the error. In another version of the game, students may be asked to add their individual answers and compare to a sum presented in a third column.

Row Game Sample

The Benefits of a Row Game

Students are held accountable by each other and great discussions can be had when answers don't match and students try to figure out where the problem is. 

Links for Row Games

A Google search for row games led me to Kate Nowak's blog and John Scammell's Orchestrated Experiences for High School Math.  Each site contains an explanation of the process and benefit of row games and some sample row games to use.


ARPDC Row Game Collection

Row games can be nice activities to use in class but take some effort to put together due to finding questions that have the same solution.  It is my vision to use this page as a repository of row games that are matched to Alberta Curriculum.  John Scammell has a start on this and hopefully all the teachers in Alberta enrolled in these demonstration courses can continue this work and build a nice organized resource of row games that may be used in high school mathematics.

If you have a row game to contribute please email me at colin.veldkamp@epsb.ca and I will organize them in the space below.  The following templates may be useful when building a row game:  Row Game - Template and Row Game - Sum Template.

Mathematics 10-C


RG - Surface Area (Nowak)

RG - Volume Word Prblms (Nowak)


RG - Right Triangle Trigonometry

Linear Equations & Graphs

RG - Slope (Nowak)

RG - Slope Intercept Form (Nowak)


RG - Multiplying Polynomials

Final Review

RG - Full Year (Scammell)

Mathematics 20-1
RG - Operations with Radicals
Mathematics 20-2


Mathematics 30-1

Relations & Functions

RG - Function Operations

Exponents & Logs

RG - Exponential Equations (Scammell)

RG - Logarithmic Equations 


RG - Simplifying Trig Exp

Mathematics 30-2

Rational Expressions & Equations

RG - Rational Equations

RG - Polynomial Fractions

Counting Methods

RG - Permutations & Combinations

Mathematics 30-3