The Knowledge and Employability Studio

  • The Knowledge and Employability Studio is a guide to the implementation of Knowledge and Employability courses from grades 8 to 12, including English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and occupations courses. The Studio provides information, strategies, sample activities and tools to help teachers meet curriculum outcomes and enhance student learning.
    • The Social Studies section of the Studio, found on the “Second Floor Curriculum Foundations” level, includes units developed to meet the outcomes of the Program of Studies. For many of the units, content required for the completion of the activities is found within the resource. In other cases, the content will need to be supplemented by the teacher from other sources, such as the authorized resources. There are also a variety of tools that can be used by the teacher and students as they complete the activities. These include skill-based tools that provide instruction on how to complete a task and content based tools that provide information that teachers may need as they approach the topic. For example, there are worksheets written at a grade 4 level to be used with the mainstream text.
    • The Teacher Workstation, found on the “Fourth Floor”, includes a variety of resources that are useful in planning for students with learning disabilities, including suggestions for instructional strategies and assessment.