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      Welcome Leaps and Bound-ers!!!

    • Topic 2

      Here is the presentation from our first day.  The LRC pricing at the end of the powerpoint is incorrect.  Please refer to the excel document below.

    • Topic 3

      Use this section to add any resources or activities that you use in your class to help your learners.  Use the link titled Resources/Activities/Lesson Ideas.

    • Webinar

      The link to access the Webinar on May 15 is

      See you online from 4:00 - 5:00 pm.

      • Topic 5

        Webinar Recording

        Thank you to all that attended the webinar.  To those that were unable to attend, the link is below

        Webinar Recording

        • Topic 6

          Super Source Activities

          The activities in the following forum come from the Super Source by ETA Cuisenaire.  Each of the activities use manipulatives to develop student understanding of various concepts.  I have selected a few that are targeting some of the number strand outcomes.  Enjoy!

        • Topic 8