French as a Second Language

French is one of Canada’s two official languages. The French as a second language (FSL) courses offer students important cultural, linguistic and career development opportunities. Alberta Education encourages and supports such opportunities by making available FSL courses, resources and services.

In Alberta, French as a second language (FSL) refers to courses in which the French language is taught as a subject to enable students to communicate in French in a variety of school travel, leisure and job-related contexts.  FSL also enables students to better understand francophone cultures in Canada and in other countries of the world.

French Immersion

French immersion is a proven approach to second language learning developed in Canada in response to a desire of English-speaking parents to have their children become fluent in French. French immersion is offered in Alberta as an alternative program as provided in Section 21 of the School Act.

A place to collect the French translated gizmos, and any other French Math resources.

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