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  • Introduction

    Professional Development Resources

    In addition to PD Resources found on this site, educators are invited to explore the following:

    • General Resources

      ARPDC Resources
      Ressources en français

      This collection of resources includes materials from a variety of focus areas.  You will find archived webinars, learning guides, presentations, podcasts, external websites and videos. eFormation est LE site de référence pour accéder aux différentes ressources pédagogiques albertaines en français.  La section «Cours ouverts» contient des ressources ouvertes à tous, sans authentification.
      • High School Redesign / Curriculum Redesign

        Moving Forward with High School Redesign
        Moving Forward
        Through Inspiring Education, Albertans expressed their desire for a fundamental rethinking of the work of our high schools. Moving Forward with High School Redesign will build on what was learned from the High School Flexibility Enhancement Pilot Project and other High School Completion work to bring to life the vision and policy shifts articulated in Inspiring Education, including enhanced teacher practice, increased student engagement, and improved student achievement.
        ARPDC Support for Implementation of Curriculum Redesign Essential Conditions
        ARPDC Support - Wiki A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions
        This wiki space will include processes to facilitate dialogue and awareness of the intent of Curriculum Redesign. At this time, we are learning more about the Ministerial Order on Student Learning and sharing our knowledge and process ideas. A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions was developed by a provincial working group of education partners1 committed to realizing positive change in Alberta’s schools and classrooms.
        • First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Resources (FNMI)

          ARPDC FNMI Moodle Courses for Grades 1-12 Empowering the Spirit!
          FNMI Moodle Courses Empowering the Spirit!
          The ARPDC First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Moodle courses are formatted to align with the learning outcomes from the Alberta Program of Studies.  There are over 85 courses related to English, Math, Science, and Social with resources which include First Nations, Métis, or Inuit content or perspectives. This website will provide opportunities to expand your understanding of literacy and numeracy practices from First Nations, Métis and Inuit perspectives and gain tools and strategies to support First Nations, Métis and Inuit and all students' success in your community.
          • Literacy / Numeracy for Students with Significant Disabilities

            Literacy for All - Grade 1 to 6 Numeracy for All
            Literacy for All Numeracy for All
            The content on this site was collected from two communities of practice (2011-2012 and 2012-2013) and has been archived for the use of teachers, learning coaches and others who want to learn more about working with and support literacy learning for students with significant disabilities. Membership to this wiki was limited to participating teachers from 2011 - 2013. The content on this wiki has been archived and made available to everyone without the need to join the wiki. The purpose of this website is to provide information and strategies for teachers in Alberta who want to learn more about mathematics instruction and numeracy development for students with significant disabilities. Much of this content has been co-developed with participants of the Numeracy for All communities of practice. New content is added on a regular basis.
            • Social Studies

              Alberta Social Studies: Essential Understandings Experiencing History
              Learning Network - Social Studies The Bodo Aboriginal Historical Archaeological Site
              Visit this website to have a complete overview of the Social Studies curriculum. Critical Challenges (Inquiry Units) explore one of Alberta's largest Aboriginal historical archaeological sites to bring history to life through meaningful learning experiences for students. Visit the website.
              • Other Resources

                Engaging All Learners! Differentiated Instruction
                Inclusive Education Wiki Differentiated Instruction
                This website provides a variety of accessible learning opportunities to support implementation of an inclusive learning environment. (e.g., archived videos and  webinars, learning guides, links to in person learning opportunities). Differentiated instruction creates learning environments that maximize opportunities and potentialfor the success of ALL students, regardless of background, skills, interests and abilities.
                Career and Technology Foundations ARPDC Project Based Learning
                Career and Technology Foundations ARPDC Project Based Learning
                Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) is a new and unique curriculum based on Career and Technology Studies (CTS). Career exploration is incorporated in both the CTF curriculum and the CTS courses to encourage students to make connections between areas of interest and skill development in various occupational areas. This online area will serve to house project templates, resources, and threaded dialogues for those using Project Based Learning in Alberta. Members from BIE workshops will be invited to join, share and contribute.
                Learning Technologies: Information for Teacher Learning Coaches: One Alberta Model
                Learning Technologies:  Information for Teacher Learning Coaches: One Alberta Model
                The information on this site is for teachers, learning coaches, and others who want to know more about how educational and assistive technologies can support students in their classrooms.
                This professional development resource was coordinated and reviewed by Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium based on a grant to support implementation from Alberta Education.  Thanks to Black Gold learning coach leaders for website development.
                Creating Communities of Practice Learning For All
                Creating a Community of Practice Learning for All
                This resource offers a collection of information, strategies and examples to support school and district leaders, professional development providers, and educational consultants who want to create and support effective communities of practices for K-12 educators. The goal of this resource is to support the development, implementation and evaluation of current and future communities of practice.
                This resource offers information, strategies and references for school leaders and teachers working with students with significant disabilities. This content was collaboratively developed through Learning for All, a one-year community of practice for district leaders and consultants.