January 26th High School Mathematics Institute-Lethbridge

Afternoon Session

Session description and agenda

Chapter 1

  • Models of what parallel tasksare and how they support DI will be provided.
Chapter 2
  • Participants will have an opportunity to create a few of their own open or parallel questions.
Chapter 3

Video of a 10 C classroom where parallel tasks have been asked.

We will have video showing parallel tasks being offered in the area of measurement and trig
Chapter 4
  • Focus on lesson design and instructional decision making
  • Identifying the underlying big ideas so that DI is possible
  • Discussion of using backward design to start with a final “consolidating question” that is not just practice, but gets at the heart of the underlying mathematics; then working backward to choose open or parallel tasks to get toward that consolidating question

Chapter 5
Closing thoughts and focus for future sessions

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