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Some of Our Favourite ELA Apps

Shakespeare This FREE app includes the complete works of Shakespeare.

Bard's Dream Lite Version This free version of A Midsummer's Night's Dream is a graphic novel told in both modern and Shakespearean English. Learners can choose to read the play in the version they prefer. Beautiful colour graphics support each scene. There is a version that includes the entire play for purchase.

Stanza This free app gives students access to both popular new books (available for purchase and download) and over 50,000 classic novels available for free.

Open Culture This free app provides the learner with access to some free audio books and many other books.

SimpleMindx This app is an easy to use mind mapping tool. Pre-writing has never been so easy or so much fun. simplemind


Dictionary.com This app includes a link to a thesaurus and audio enunciations of the word.

Vocabolistic This app allows users to build vocabulary.

Classics At last count, this is a collection of 20 classic novels for $2.99.

Audiobooks This provides links to many free audiobooks. It may be worth upgrading from the lite edition as it requires an Internet connection to work.

100 Greatest Short Stories This is an organized collection of many classic short stories. There is a wide range of reading levels here. It is possible to find most of these for free through other apps. It is an easily accessed and efficient manner of organizing short stories.


Comic Touch This app is made by the designers of Comic Life. It will allow your students to edit their photographs and create their own graphic novels/stories. There is a free "Lite" version that you may wish to explore first before spending $2.99.

Strip Designer This app allows students to use their photographs to create comic strips complete with captions, image filters and templates. It is available for $2.99.

Complete Works of Jane Austen $2.99 for every novel....

Word Poetry Lite This free app is a game that will challenge users to build a phrase, poem or sentence with eight words.

Alphabet Soup Touch and rearrange the scrambled letters to find the scrambled word.

WritePad This app allows for multiple forms of advanced handwriting recognition. It recognizes cursive, printing and mixed text and transforms it into digital format.

Apple in Education Collections Apple has organized their apps into collections. Take a moment to check them out.




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