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Some of Our Favourite Math Apps

Number Line This free app is an educational game where students must explore fractions, decimals and percents by placing their order on a number line. They must be matched with equivalent fractions, decimals and percents. There are many levels and increasing complexity.

Fraction Factory Keep the fraction factory running by moving the fraction gears along the number line!

Assembly Line Lite This free app reinforces number sets. The game allows for multiple ways to solve puzzles.

What Apps Would You Recommend for Math?


Feel free to share apps that you or your students have discovered in this discussion topic. How did you use them?

Math Resources

Using the iPod Touch to Teach Math This link to the Apple Learning Interchange profiles math apps.

Top Five Math Apps for iPods and iPads This blog posting is from May 2011

This iPad App Might Even Make Me Like Math This posting from the Wired Educator provides a sense of what is coming. It is possible to sign-up and follow their research project.

iPad Apps for the Classroom Review of some primary Math apps

Top 10 iPod Touch Apps for Math Teachers These apps will also work on the iPads.

McGraw-Hill Offers Free iPad Math Apps A series of math games. The key word in this collection is "free".

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High School Math iPad Apps

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