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Virtual Dissections

This is a great example of one of the many brilliant apps for science.



Science Apps and Lesson Discussions

Using apps to support learning in your science classes? Do you have favourites? Can you identify some that are utter failures? Share your findings in the Science Discussion forum.


Some of Our Favourite Science Apps

Periodic Tables There are many versions of periodic tables. This includes a link to a free app called Mild EleMints.

Elements This is a set of "smart" flash cards designed to help students memorize the names, symbols, atomic weights and atomic numbers of the chemical elements. It includes built in repetition and memorization functions.

TouchPhysics Lite

Lab Timer

Top Ten Science Related Apps

Skygazer This app supports beginning astronomers

Universe Identify the position of the planets and constellation from your location. $2.99

Brain Tutor Free 3D exploration of the human brain

Molecules 3D models of molecules that can be rotated and explored. Additional molecules can be downloaded.

Blausen Human Atlas Lite This contains a 360 degree rotatable human figure and comes complete with narrated 3D animations. Suitable for Biology 20/30

Tree ID TreeID allows the user to identify almost any tree in Northern America based upon its name, scientific name, bark, leaf, fruit or location. Because many of us using the app may not know the proper name for identifying particular types of leaves or fruit, the app will walk the user through the various methods of tree identification. Suitable for grade six science.

Geared This little game about gears is very easy-to start. It becomes increasingly complex and each puzzle can be solved in multiple ways.

Electric Circuits Create and test electric circuits!

Science Apps in Education

Apple Apps Collection The creme de la creme of the iTunes science collection.

iPads in Science iEar Collection

Teach with Your iPad Science Apps





Web Resources

Observing the Sky Explore the various apps that allow the learner to explore the universe.

Science Tools Applications and games that would make even Bill Nye happy!

Data Collection in the Science Lab A collection of apps that support clean crisp and efficient data collection for students of all ages.

Digital Science Experiments One teacher's suggestion of how to use iPods to support science experiments.

Test Tube TV Using iPod Touches to create podcasts of experiments

Biology Sample iQuiz

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