List of Phys Ed Apps

Favourite Health and Physical Education App's

HeartBeat - With this program students can measure their heart rate while exercising, standing still or doing math!

Yoga STRETCH - Improve strength, balance, posture and flexibility. There are alot of Yoga app's, but this one provides a great guided stretch prior to any activity. Good for students who need low impact.

FitnessBuilder - This is your own personal trainer and for $9.99 it may be costly. But it has some great warm ups, videos, and fitness advice.

iFitness - This app offers over 100 strength and cardio exercises, but if offers the ability to create and track workouts.

Dream - Do you work with students that are showing obvious signs of stress? With this app you can escape to the beach, or just play whitenoise to block out other classroom distractions.

Brush Timer - As part of the health curriculum, this app can used while brushing - timer and guide!

PhoneAid - Never too early to learn CPR. You will also get an A-Z First Aid guide where you will find simple, straight forward advice on how to initially handle the most common injuries and illnesses such as, drowning, convulsions, burn injury, snake bite etc.

HotFoot Lite (Free) and iTreadmill ($0.99) - are simple pedometer app's that students may find useful for both fitness and a math measurement unit. iTreadmill has a longer history and some other excellent extra features.



Web Resources

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