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(The Alberta 10-12 Mathematics Program of Studies with Achievement Indicators 2008, Alberta Education)

"Students need opportunities to read about, represent, view, write about, listen to and discuss mathematical ideas." (pg. 6)

"Students should be encouraged to use a variety of forms of communication while learning mathematics." (pg. 6)

"Emerging technologies enable students to engage in communication beyond the traditional classroom..." (pg. 6)

Developing Relationships

Being able to develop relationships and create a good classroom environment may promote and assist communication during classroom activities.  The following link on Developing Relationships presents strategies that may assist with promoting good relationships with students and a positive classroom atmosphere that is conducive to communication.  Strategies include a "Who I Am" sheet that may be used as a tool to begin conversations with students and another strategy is a fun get to know you activity called "Five Things in a Bag"

Discuss Mathematics / Teach Each Other

discussStudent learning is increased when students are able to discuss mathematical concepts and teach each other.  
The following teaching strategies may be used to promote student discussion.

Row Games

Board Work / Group Work

Think - Pair - Share

Jig Saw Activity

Communication in Assignments

Students can create products that may help them practice a variety of forms of communication (written, audio, video, etc).
The following are some possible products that students may create:

Research Project

Show Me You Know Assignment

Applying Assignment

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