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(The Alberta 10-12 Mathematics Program of Studies with Achievement Indicators 2008, Alberta Education)

"Technology enables students to explore and create patterns, examine relationships, test conjectures and solve problems." (pg. 9)

"[T]echnology should be used as one of a variety of approaches and tools for creating mathematical understanding." (pg. 9)

Thoughts on Technology
Technology assists in exploring patterns and viewing multiple representations. Technology gives students the opportunity to be engaged learners. 
The following are examples where technology may be used to assist teaching:
M20-2 Angles in Polygons
Distance-Time Gizmo from (Search within Learn Alberta for Distance-Time Gizmo)
  • I use this with two runners to discuss the number of solutions to a system of linear equations
M10-C The Ruler Game
  • Excellent practice for reading imperial measurements

Math 20-1 Link to Interactive Activities

Math 30-1 Link to Interactive Activities

Chart of Useful Technologies
Title Downloads / Links Description
 Explore Learning


ExploreLearning Gizmos are accessable through Alberta Education. The web site also allows a five minute trial of the activity.

The Gizmos are online simulations that power inquiry and understanding.

 TI Nspire CX

TI-Nspire CX Teacher Software requires a purchased license.

The TI-Nspire is an approved calculator for Alberta Education's Math 30-1 Diploma Exam. There are many free activities and action consequence files available for the calculator.

A free document player is downloadable to student computers.

xMind A free, easy to use mind mapping program.
Prezi A free (for educators) zooming presentation program.
YouTube YouTube contains many educational videos.
Have students upload their own video creationhs to your own YouTube channel.
Geogebra A free dynamic math software program.
Visit Glen Reesor's site for some excellent Geogebra Creations!
Graph Sketch A simple easy to use online graph sketching program.
 Geometers Sketchpad The Geometer's Sketchpad requires a purchased license. There are many free activities available to download.

The is an app for the iPad.

Learn Alberta A website with many interactive learning programs for students & teachers.
Graph Download Graph A graphing program with many features.
Wolfram Alpha

A powerful computational knowledge engine.

Mathematica is a free download. You may have to register as an educator and obtain a license number. Also available is the free Mathematica CDF Player which supports the presentation of ready made files.

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