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Resources Description

This resource contains 180 estimation challenges. The goal is to help students improve both their number sense and problem solving skills. 

Origin of Numbers PPT A powerpoint that discusses the origin of the symbols that we use for numbers today.
Math Resource Book List A list of books that connect Mathematics, Literature and Manipulatives.

The Engagement Wheel from David



How well do you engage your students in their learning? The Engagement Wheel is a tool used to measure what your students are doing during a lesson and highlights a variety of methods to engage them.

After teaching a lesson, reflect on what the students were doing during the lesson.

Did they explain a topic to the entire class? Did students use hands-on technology to enhance their learning? Was the class given time to self-reflect?

Shade in each sector that describes student behaviour during the lesson. The more sectors shaded in correlates to a higher level of engagement of your students.

Here is an exerpt from David Sladkey's book Emerging Teaching Tools. Engagment Wheel instructions.

Mastery Tests for Arithmetic

and Algebra from Doug Smeltz

 A collection of TI-Nspire files for students to practice and master Arithmetic and Algebra skills.

MathCaching Activity  

In the spirit of Geocaching, activities called "MathCaching" have been created which use the internet to find hidden boxes to reveal clues to the continuation of the games. Your success at "MathCaching" is dependent upon your skills at solving mathematical problems.
Links Description
ERLC PD Resource - Power of asking good questions. Power of asking good questions video resource from the ERLC Resource page.
Scale of the Universe An interactive scale of the universe.  May be useful in various courses that relate to proportional reasoning, exponents, etc.  The home page of Peter Liljedahl, a professor at Simon Fraser University, who did a number of presentations for ARPDC. Thinking Mathematics!  A Resource for Teachers and Students. A blog by Dan Meyer focusing on perplexity, technology and better mathematics instruction. Glen Reesor's site that includes Geogebra activities and Function Art. A site by John Scammell on Orchestrating Experiences for High School Mathematics Mr. Barton shares many resources to assist in Mathematics instruction.'s mission is "to initiate, advocate and share with educators technology-enriched teaching, learning and leadership options of tomorrow, empowered by unique alliances with educational and community partners."

They have spent many hours researching appropriate digital media resources and have cross referenced to the Alberta Curriculum.

What is Hungry Teacher?

Real-world math activities that promote student engagement, collaboration, & problem-solving with your students.

Our lessons incorporate a “socratic” (questioning) approach. We present students with real-world problems or questions that need solutions. When presented, this immediately brings up more questions from your students. But this is exactly what you want. This means they have already started the process of problem solving and thinking critically. It is entirely up to them to solve or answer. This naturally teaches students to be self-directed and resourceful (have you ever solved a problem at work by consulting with co-workers or fixed something in your home by going to YouTube?). It’s not that students don’t ever need to memorize formulas or math facts (a toolbox), but when students are presented with real world problems this is what will drive them toward the need to know and apply the right formulas (tools) for solving.

A collection of activities to practice basic skills in math.

This site is about compiling, analyzing and discussing the mathematical errors that students make. The site is edited by Michael Pershan, a middle school and high school math teacher.

A blog from Mary Bourassa  Making Math Meaningful. Mary shares her classroom experiences with the engaging activities she includes in her teaching. 

Ted Talks Description
Pixar - The math behind the movies A TED talk that focuses on how math plays a major role in the creation of a 3D movie, with Pixar Research Lead Tony DeRose demonstrating how math is the major force behind CGI:
Dan Meyer - Math Class Needs a Makover In his talk, Dan Meyer shows classroom-tested math exercises that prompt students to stop and think.

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