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AN SO4 - Connections - Area Model of Multiplication 
(Download:  Area Model of Multiplication)

This model may help students become more comfortable with algebra tiles and a grid by connecting these new strategies to numerical multiplication.  A nice example of going from concrete to abstract.

Area Model   

This is a nice example of making Connections between concepts.  Visit the Connections Process Page for more ideas on how to incorporate Connections into your teaching.


AN SO4,5 - Algebra Tiles Practice Charts
(Download:  Rectangles & Algebra Tiles Charts 1-3.pdf  Rectangles & Algebra Tiles Charts 1-3 KEY.pdf)

One of the strengths of algebra tiles is the ability to easily see the connection between multiplication and factoring.  These three charts help to emphasize that connection as well as provide practice going from pictorial to symbolic and vice-versa.

Tiles Chart

AN SO5 - Difference of Squares - Geometric Proof
(Download:  Difference of Squares Geometric Proof.notebook)

This is a cool geometric proof for difference of squares factoring.  Students can try to figure it out physically with graph paper and then it can be reviewed using an interactive notebook page where you can drag and rotate the pieces.

Diff of Squares     Diff of Squares

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