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RF SO9 - Parallel, Perpendicular or Neither Activity
(Download: ParallelPerpendicularNeitherActivity.pdf)

Students must cut out and sort the cards to determine if graphs or function equations on a card are parallel, perpendicular or neither.  An alternative to this activity is to have students create their own cards.

(The above image is an excerpt from the activity)

7 Processes focus: Reasoning.  Visit the Reasoning Process page for more ideas of how to incorporate Reasoning in your teaching.

RF SO9 - Think-Pair-Share: System of Linear Equations

The "What do you see?" slide may be presented to students and then they may do a Think-Pair-Share to come up with as many mathematical things they can think of.  The results of one classes Think-Pair-Share brainstorming are also below.  Students should already know how to solve a system of linear equations graphically and this activity works as a nice review of this as well as a transition into the number of solutions to a system.  The entire lesson is available in the Systems section of the Math 10-C home page.

Systems what do you see?  What do you see answers

7 Processes focus:  Communication, Reasoning.  Visit the Communication and Reasoning Process pages for more ideas of how to incorporate these processes in your teaching.

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