This course will intorduce Archaeological Thinking to Division 2 and 3 slocial studies teachers.  This resource is avaialble free of charge from The Learning Network 1-780-623-2248

A forum for discussion and a demonstrative representation of one way the Math 10-3 can be taught.

Enrollment Key Math 10-3 Please email: Ed Major or Dustin Gutsche
Project Rationale
Alberta Education has initiated a literacy pilot project to support teacher capacity to meet the literacy needs of students with significant cognitive disabilities. This Literacy for All pilot project is designed for teachers of students with significant cognitive disabilities. Participants will pilot the literacy resource MEville to WEville. This project is the result of a grant from Alberta Education, to the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia with the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium (ERLC) coordinating this pilot opportunity.

Project Goals
  • support and build teacher understanding of literacy and communication strategies for students with cognitive disabilities
  • create a provincial community of practice to analyze the effectiveness and appropriateness of the MEville to WEville literacy and communication teacher resource in the Alberta context
  • build the capacity of participating teachers to better meet the diverse learning needs of students with significant cognitive disabilities.
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