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(The Alberta 10-12 Mathematics Program of Studies with Achievement Indicators 2008, Alberta Education)

"When mathematical ideas are connected to each other or to real-world phenomena, students begin to view mathematics as useful, relevant and integrated." (pg. 7)

"The brain is constantly looking for and making connections." (pg. 7)

Thoughts on Connections

Connections consists of two main parts:

  1. Connections between mathematical ideas. (Mathematical Flow)
  2. Connections to real world applications. (Authentic Tasks)
Connections between mathematical ideas.

The following examples show attempts at connecting mathematical ideas...

Adding & Subtracting Polynomials (use other concepts to show the idea of adding items of similar size / combining like terms)

Area Model for Multiplication (Connect Basic Numerical Multiplication to Polynomial Multiplication)

Connections to real world applications.

Some topics are difficult to connect to real world applications but the following examples may work well...

M30-3 Purchase a Vehicle Project

M30-3/M20-2 Probability & Games (Dice Games:  Settlers of Catan or Pig)
- Play games to collect experimental probability for the sum of two dice and then compare to theoretical probability.
- Discuss how understanding probabilities can help when making decisions. 


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