Alberta Spanish Programs of Study and Resources

Alberta Spanish Programs of Study

with Christina Bexte


This webinar session provides an overview of the provincial programs of study for Spanish. The session

  • provides background information on the cultural diversity in our province/country, recent enrolment information and the available international language programs and their characteristics is outlined
  • describes the key components and outlines the outcomes of each of the two program types:
    • Spanish Language Arts
    • Spanish Language

Playback the webinar here.

Learning and Teaching Resources for Spanish Language

This webinar session provides an overview of the learning and teaching resources available for Spanish Language. The session:

  • explores how to use the provincial Guides to Implementation to assist you with your planning, assessment and day-to-day teaching of Spanish Language.
  • models how to use the Learning Resource Centre to find and locate authorized resources for Spanish Language.

Playback the webinar here.


Christina Bexte is the Team Leader, International Languages Development, Mathematics, Arts and Communications Program and Resources Sector Education Program Standards and Assessment Division, Alberta Education. The Department of Education sets provincial curriculum standards and develops provincial programs of studies and support resources, including those for language programming. Christina has worked in a variety of areas with Alberta Education over the past 25 years including work in National and International Education,Professional Development and Certification, and now Curriculum sector- Arts, Communications and Citizenship Branch (International Languages unit). Furthermore, Christina brings a wealth of experience as an educator, teaching mainly French and German as a second language, in various settings, at various grade levels 4 to 12 through adult.

Supporting Resources:

Presenter's Slides for Alberta Program of Studies Webinar

Presenter's Slides for Learning and Teaching Resources Webinar

International Languages Programs of Study

Spanish Language Arts Programs of Studies

Guides to Implementation  (on the bottom half of the page)

Learning Resource Centre

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